What I listened to in 2016 – Podcasts

What I listened to in 2016 – Podcasts

The big hitters

99% Invisible

Probably my favourite podcast of 2016. 99% Invisible is a weekly, 20-odd minute podcast broadly about design, but more to the point, it’s about the design that might go unnoticed, or we take for granted. There’s not many other podcasts where you can hear about wholesale markets in China one week, and crass McMansions the next.


Design Matters with Debbie Millman

From Design Observer, Debbie Millman hosts some of the greatest names in design and discusses their lives, their careers and what made them who they are. Although it wasn’t from 2016, a highlight was going back and listening to her 2012 interview with Massimo Vignelli.


In the Dark

From APM Reports, In the Dark is similar to Serial, in its one story told over many weeks format. This is the story of a child abduction, and how it took 27 years for justice to be served.


On our Line, London Reconnections

Not too frequent, but an incredibly in-depth look at transport in London and further afield from the top tube geeks at London Reconnections.



An enjoyable listen from CityMetric, about cities, and predominately London. A positive look (except after Brexit… and Trump….) about how we live in our cities, and how they affect us.



Everyone’s favourite motivational and interesting talks, broken down into short segements.


Track Changes

A relatively new pod for me, Track Changes comes from Postlight in New York, and touches on design, work, life and everything in between.


What’s the Point

What started off as a sports analytics podcast, What’s the Point then spread further afield, looking at how data, and data analytics impacts our daily lives.


From Monocle Radio

  • Section D
  • The Entrepreneurs
  • The Urbanist
  • The Stack
  • The Observatory



Keeping on top of everything going on in the world of sport can be tough, but these six make it all a bit easier. A special mention goes to The Blizzard, a weekly look back at articles that have featured in the football quarterly since its launch in 2013.

  • Football Weekly
  • Hot Takedown
  • Football Fives
  • Ringside
  • The Blizzard
  • The Cycling Podcast


As well as over 9,000 minutes of Spotify, I got through a hell of a lot of music podcasts this year. These trance and progressive podcasts have kept me going:

  • Gareth Emery – Electronic For Life
  • Kyau & Albert – Euphonic Sessions
  • Above & Beyond – Group Therapy
  • Aly &¬†Fila – Future Sound of Egypt
  • Aruna – The Hot List
  • Andy Moor- Moor Music
  • Cosmic Gate ¬†Wake Your Mind
  • Roger Shah – Magic Island, Music for Balearic People
  • The Thrillseekers – Night Music
  • Lange – Create


The ones we lost

Sadly, some decent podcasts seem to have come to an end in 2016.

  • Longform
  • Cream Radio
  • The Gently Mad
  • The Tuesday Club